Is a half marathon feasible?

Okay, I started c25k in January, I graduated in April and I ran my first 10k in July.  I’ve increased my weekly mileage to around 25k per week so far and have a bunch of 10ks booked over the next few months.  Is it realistic to aim for a half in 9 months time?

I’m optimistic, I’ve plenty of time to train and I’ve been making steady progress.  I’m willing to accept that I might have to walk a couple of short intervals if it’s too much on the day and I’ve got a team of supporters who will keep me going.  The question is though, how do you predict how far you can progress over the future year?  I need to get an entry in soon if I’m to avoid missing out on places but I don’t want waste money on a place that I might not be able to sensibly make use of…

I guess the only thing to do is my usual approach – fling myself in at the deep end, flap my arms around and hope I don’t drown.  So far at least it has worked but this time perhaps I’ll get a calendar and figure out some sort of training plan.  Who knows, maybe I’ll do better than expected for a change!

If you have any advice please comment below, I’m always open to ideas x


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