Budget gps watch review

I had been using the Strava app on my phone to record my activities and was getting increasingly frustrated with the gps making me out to be a staggering drunk.  strava drunk gps

Although I could see I was making progress the additional 10% being added to my total distance was giving me an increased pace and I was keen to monitor what I was actually doing.  So as usual I started researching.  I was looking for an inexpensive gps watch that would allow me to upload my efforts to Strava with a budget of bugger all.  I read loads of reviews (I am obsessive like that) and found lots of recommendations for Garmin or Tomtom devices that sounded great but were all over £100.  As a c25k runner who wasn’t convinced I’d make it to the full 5k and as a single mum on a budget it just wasn’t an option.  Eventually after trawling the internet I discovered that Decathlon do their own range of gps devices.

The Geonaute Onmove 220 is currently just £69.99 and when I purchased it there was an option for a package including a chest strap heart rate monitor for just £15 extra (purchased separately £30).  I scrutinised the specification and features and concluded that although not waterproof, so not suitable for swimmers or perhaps tri-athletes, it did everything I was looking for and more for just half the price of equivalent Garmin or Tomtom devices.

I’ve used the watch now for over 6 months and can honestly say I’m thrilled with it.  Decathlon have their own software/app which is very similar to Strava and free to download/install and you use this to download your “workouts” to your account.  If like me you are Strava obsessed you can download a gpx file and upload it to Strava.  The latest app update allows you to connect your Strava account and thus your workouts will transfer automatically.  I have personally found my phone struggles with this but since I’m on my PC a lot it’s not an issue to me.

It’s very simple to set up and use, the battery lasts for days as a watch or around 10 hours in gps mode.  The heart rate monitor connects via blue tooth very easily once you get the hang of positioning it correctly.  Videos are available to show you how to do this so that’s nothing to worry about.

There is now a more advanced model (Onmove 500) which includes an integrated wrist heart rate monitor for £79.99.  This would seem to be a great value option for those who don’t want the messing about getting the chest strap in position and connected to the watch.

My favourite feature is the pacing facility.  You can set a pace, for example 7:00 to 7:30 mins per km and the watch will display your current pace and bleep if you go outside of your target window.  I find this a huge help when I’m trying to ignore that start line excitement and avoid going too quick.  Likewise if I’m trying to increase my pace it reminds me to push a little harder if I’m plodding along a little slower than I’m aiming for.  I found this a huge help when I conquered 5k and joined our main club  group runs where I’d fallen into the trap of following the crowd then struggling to keep going which I found exceptionally frustrating.  Now I have my comfort blanket to keep me on track when I need it.

If you are interested in or more information or purchasing one of these you can find them in store or on the decathlon website.  I’m not sponsored by Decathlon but I probably should be!


Seriously worth considering!




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